Best Spring Clothes for Men in 2024

Fellas, the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising, it's finally time to replenish your closet with the freshest, flyest spring clothes for men. So if you're looking to hit the ‘thaw’ button on your warm-weather rotation (and reacquaint yourself with the idea of getting dressed again), look no further than the below, a fully-loaded list of all the men's spring fashion essentials you'll need this season, cherry-picked by your friendly neighborhood GQ editors.

No matter how you play them, the spring garms here will sing together in beautiful harmony. Think of ’em like the Chick Corea Elektric Band of your wardrobe: A funky fusion of forward-thinking pieces and forever classics that, in aggregate, form an endless array of impeccable men's spring outfits. From crisp button-downs and trippy hats to close-up-ready shades and freaky shorts, these are the 42 spring clothes for men we'll be wearing from now through June. 

The Crisp Button-Up

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Here's a newsflash for you: Just because the weather finally hit 70 degrees doesn't mean it's T-shirt time from here on out. Come springtime, think of the button-up as are your sartorial Swiss Army Knife. A straight-ahead version like Alex Mill's joint can anchor an an office-appropriate get-up as easily as it can a beach-ready ensemble. Oh, and n more instances than you'd think, a button-up can pull double duty as a (very) light jacket. 

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The Plain White Tee(s)

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When the warm weather finally decides to stick around, T-shirts start to come out of hibernation in droves, emerging from their caves (sweaters) and into the fresh air. In other words: your tees are going to play a central role in your closet for the next six months, so you'd better make them good. That can mean investing in a decidedly luxe plain white T-shirt like CDLP's airy lyocell-blended version, or opting for a straight-up freaky alternative. It doesn't mean forgoing your roster of carefully curated band tees, though—keep those in the starting lineup. 

The Sultry Polo

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The best polos are inherently hot. Sure, even the most conventional of them should be heavy on the texture and designed to highlight your biceps, but the flyest of the genre skew even sexier. We're talking lace, mesh, crochet; if it's even slightly see-through, we want it. When the birds and the bees are working overtime, maybe your polo should follow suit…if you catch our drift. 

The Throwback Chinos

Name a pair of pants more spring-ready than chinos. (Go on—we'll wait.) In 2024, though, the key to finding the right chinos for you comes down to fit (actually, the key to pretty much everything comes down to fit). Get your legs into a pair baggy enough to let the air circulate, ideally with a rise high enough to spotlight your tucked-in tees. J.Crew's Giant-fit chinos are a modern classic; Studio Nicholson's are just as big but a little more design-forward. Once you've got your pants sorted, your shoe options are wide open. 

The Swishy Shorts

As long as Patagonia keeps making its legendary Baggies, we'll keep plugging 'em. Sure, their pleasantly swishy fabric is ultra-durable and takes to water like a fish, but they look right at home in less active situations, too. In the decades since they were introduced, Yvon Chouinard's masterpiece has cemented itself as a bona fide everyday staple that countless brands have riffed on (and ripped off). So if you thought your options were limited to chino versions or mesh, court-ready spins, think again. 

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The Dressy Shorts

That said, corp-core is on the rise—and that goes for your shorts, too. (Think swanky pleated trousers lopped at the knee and you've got the right idea.) Dressier shorts present an easy way to look put-together while staying cool. Lean into the vibe with a crisp button-up or give 'em a thorough dressing down with a lightweight sweater keep scrolling and sneakers. 

The Air-Chilled Sandal

Breezy sandals are a must during the spring, whether you plan on heading to the beach or not. There's a grip of gorp-y options and plenty of typical indoor-outdoor slides, but these days we're more about the fancy leather joints that swaggy old folks have been on for ages. Huaraches and fisherman sandals from brands like Nisolo and Hereu look ultra-luxe with billowy linen pants and a camp shirt, and can quickly tap into cool-dad-at-the-BBQ vibe with washed-out jeans.